webinar: Grid Edge

Optimizing the Efficiency and Reliability of Electric Distribution Networks

While industry discussion often revolve around communications, processing power, optimization, and efficiency, a utilities main focus continues to include safety, reliability, cost, and shareholder value. Improvements in a utilities operation of the distribution grid continue to present the greatest opportunity to address these industry-wide concerns.

Legacy equipment, geography, size, regulation, and priorities influence the direction of technology roadmaps, staff allocation, and planning the development of internal human capital. This webinar will show the value created by improving distribution operations through upgrades to operations and the incorporation of existing and future information technology assets.

Register for this webinar to learn about the technologies that:

  • Improve restoration management after outages
  • Enhance the ability to balance supply and demand
  • Incorporate grid data to create intelligent asset management schemes

After the webinar, registrants will also receive a compimentary whitepaper, "Foundations for Tomorrow’s Smart Grid," detailing topics covered in this webinar.