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As part of a next generation utility series at GTM, experts from PA Consulting are exploring the wide range of technology, regulatory, business and customer behavior trends that are transforming the electricity sector. Throughout 2016, we’ll look at how companies can proactively plan for the future by embracing fast-moving technology trends and making smart financial decisions.

Are you prepared to become the Next Generation Utility?

Here, you’ll find the tools and thought leadership needed to embrace the multi-trillion dollar business opportunity unfolding in the electric sector. For more information, read the news release or visit us here.

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Innovation and the Next Generation Utility

Faced with rapidly-evolving markets and incentives, electric utilities today have an unprecedented opportunity to develop new, innovative ways of structuring their businesses.

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Delivering the Next Generation Utility Customer Experience

Our new report discusses a horizontal approach to each customer class that requires an ongoing transformation, rather than a one-time pivot in business practices. 

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Regulatory Foresight and the Next Generation Utility

The utility market and regulatory landscape is shifting, bringing new challenges and opportunities.

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Energy Storage and the Next Generation

Energy storage technologies are becoming more flexible, efficient and capable of delivering energy to consumers, as needed. As technology costs decline and efficiency improves, we expect to see this market expand rapidly over a short period of time.

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The Nimble Utility: Creating The Next Generation Workforce

Disruptive technologies and other transformative developments mean that growth opportunities are quickly emerging in every area of the utility market.

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Wearable Technology: A New Kind of Power

Offering exceptional benefits in efficiency, reliability and safety, the strategic adoption of wearable technologies will be as significant as grid modernization in its impact.

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Finding A Path Through The Haze: FutureWorlds

The electric utilities industry is talking about the impact new technologies are likely to have on the traditional business models for energy suppliers and network operators.

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Leading-Edge Technology Evolution and the Next Generation Utility: DynamicEnergy™

In this report, we delve into this dynamic set of developments and suggest a new way of looking at the future of the electricity system, a paradigm we call DynamicEnergy. It’s an energy environment in which two-way transactions become the new normal. 

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Utility Analytics: Opportunities to Improve Service, Reduce Costs and Increase Reliability

Utility analytics can unlock the power of data by coordinating various forms of information across organizational departments, applications and databases.