California plans to ban new internal-combustion vehicles by 2035. But are electric vehicles ready to take their place?

We know that there are dozens and dozens of more models of electric cars on the market. Ranges are increasing. Consumers like the driving experience. And total costs are creeping downward.

But America’s electric vehicle market is anemic. Dealers aren’t pushing them. Consumers aren’t demanding them. And there are still very real infrastructure challenges.

So in this episode of The Interchange, we’re unpacking those trends in the context of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s executive order mandating a halt to new gas-powered cars in 15 years. This is a conversation between co-host Shayle Kann and his colleague at Energy Impact Partners, Andy Lubershane. It’s a detailed look at the underlying trends that could complicate California’s plans.

In this interview, they touch on the state of the EV transition, the state of the technology and consumer habits, and the impact of lots of EVs on the grid.

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