This week, we finally left behind a destructive regime that thwarted environmental policy at every turn. We exchanged it for a government putting climate experts and clean-energy doers in its highest ranks in a way that no prior administration has ever done before.

What comes next?

First up this week: If Biden wants his $2 trillion climate spending plan to make a bigger impact, should he emphasize rooftop solar and small-scale batteries? A leading modeler, Chris Clack, says a local solar-storage plan could save hundreds of billions of dollars as we build out the net-zero grid.

Then, the board members of major corporations are often uninformed about climate change and what it takes to address it, according to a new report from NYU’s Stern business school. Why is that still true? What can be done about it?

And finally, should you sign up for your utility’s green power program? Is there a better way to guarantee that your monthly power bill supports the world you envision? We’ll answer a listener question.

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  • Bloomberg: Many Corporate Boards Don’t Fully Understand the Climate Crisis
  • Harvard Business Review: Boards Are Obstructing ESG — at Their Own Peril
  • NREL: Voluntary Green Power Procurement — 2019 Utility Green Pricing Ranks
  • Energy Sage: What to Look For and Availability of Community Solar

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