The excitement around green hydrogen has grown dramatically in recent years. Will it live up to the hype?

This week, we turn to technologist, author and investor Ramez Naam. 

Ramez and Shayle examine the drivers behind cost improvement -- namely the costs of electricity and different electrolyzer technologies -- and why they are likely still a long way off the deep declines hydrogen needs to scale.

They also cover the hurdles hydrogen may face along the way to scale, including fierce competition from grey hydrogen, fossil fuels, and electrification. 

There’s also the location question: Where are you going to make green hydrogen with renewables? The answer: Probably not where you need it, which is a problem given the cost and difficulty of transporting hydrogen.

Ramez breaks down the policy strategies in Europe, North American, Japan and Australia.

Shayle asks: Is blue hydrogen a bridge to green hydrogen, or a bridge to nowhere that will leave niche assets obsolete in a decade or two?

They also assess Michael Liebreich’s grades for hydrogen end uses (Ramez gives ground transport an F).

Finally, given this hydrogen landscape, where do you invest? They find clues in the early days of the solar market.

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