While venture capitalists swoon over startups devoted to making people click on ads and stare at their phones longer, they’re decidedly less interested in solving more difficult real-world problems -- like transforming the energy sector.

Yes, we’ve been talking about this downward trend for years now. And there are still a number of venture firms actively pursuing opportunities in energy decarbonization and decentralization.

But startups are realizing they can’t rely on venture capitalists like they used to. So where do they turn for support?

This week, we feature a conversation with four execs from incubators around the country. We chat about the emergence of new funding sources, different business models for incubators and accelerators, and the importance of corporate partnerships. 

Joining the conversation:

  • Emily Kirsch, the founder and CEO of Powerhouse, a software-focused incubator and accelerator in Oakland, California
  • Emily Reichert, CEO of Greentown Labs, a hardware-focused incubator based in Somerville, Massachusetts
  • Pat Sapinsley, managing director of cleantech initiatives at the Urban Future Lab in Brooklyn, New York, which houses the ACRE incubator
  • Beth Hartman, project manager for Incubatenergy Network at the Electric Power Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado

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