Saul Griffith has a doctorate in materials science and information theory. He’s co-founded over a dozen companies. And now he’s determined to prove that we already have what it takes to decarbonize the economy.

“The reality is I think it's still possible to completely decarbonize by 2030 and save everyone money. And we've just got to start thinking about it correctly,” says Saul in this interview.

Otherlab is an R&D incubator and accelerator that helps pair startups in robotics and renewable energy with government labs and corporate investors. It has partnered with NASA, the Navy, the Department of Energy, Google, Facebook, GE and Ford to help build and fund projects in energy, automation and robotics “in service of 100% decarbonization.”

Saul co-founded Makani Wind, the high-altitude wind company acquired by Google, and the solar tracker company Sunfolding. He brings the grit of an entrepreneur, the rigor of a scientist and the dirty mouth of a sailor to his passionate work on climate change.

A word of warning: There is some swearing in this interview. It might not be appropriate for some young ears.

In this episode, Emily talks with Saul about the many companies he’s helped build and how he’s taken on a new mission to convince people that we have most of what we need — right now — to decarbonize large swaths of the economy.

This conversation was recorded at the Powerhouse headquarters in Oakland, California before the pandemic. Our next episode will be recorded remotely for an online audience. You can find more details here

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