Cathy Zoi has seen it all. She’s studied and worked in oil, gas and clean energy since the Reagan era. Now as CEO of charging company EVgo, she knows the future of electric transportation is coming fast. 

“Rideshare drivers are now starting to drive EVs; those folks need to charge once a day away from home, and they need to do it fast. When COVID hit, delivery drivers for food deliveries needed to charge on our network, [as did] fleet companies like Amazon. So every month that goes by, there is a new opportunity," says Zoi.

Cathy has a breadth of energy and cleantech experience working in leadership roles at nonprofits, startups, venture capital, academia, a utility and government agencies.

Cathy was on the team that developed the original Energy Star rating when she worked at the Environmental Protection Agency. She was chief of staff in the White House Office on Environmental Policy in the Clinton-Gore administration. And she is co-founder and executive chairman of Odyssey Energy, a software startup bringing distributed clean power to developing countries. 

In this episode, Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch sits down with Cathy Zoi to discuss how that journey led her to electric transportation.

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