Eamex Corp. announced that the energy density per unit volume of its capacitor under development was enhanced up to 600Wh/L.

The value 600Wh/L is equivalent to the energy density of a lithium-ion secondary battery. With this achievement, the capacitor is expected to be used for electric vehicles, notebook computers, etc, according to the company.

The main characteristic of Eamex's capacitor is that the surface of its solid polymer electrolyte membrane is applied with metal plating that serves as electrodes. With the improvement of plating technique, the company succeeded in increasing the specific surface area of the electrodes and enhancing the physical adsorption effect. Furthermore, it is a type of hybrid capacitor that increases the energy density by the electrochemical effect of lithium ions used as electrolyte salt.

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(Pictured: A cross-sectional SEM image of the electrode.)