SF Gate: If You Have Solar Panels in Oakland, Prince May Have Paid for Them

In the days since the death of music legend Prince, stories of his secret, wide-ranging philanthropy efforts are finally being told. Two of Prince's major charitable endeavors were centered in the Bay Area: bringing solar panels to Oakland and helping young people of color learn how to code.

In an interview with CNN, political activist Van Jones revealed that, while he was the face of environmental group Green For All, Prince was the driving force and checkbook.

AlterNet: Fox Uses Stuffed Armadillo to Persuade Viewers ‘There’s Nothing to Worry About With Global Warming’

Fox News on Sunday invited self-styled climate expert Marc Morano to explain how a stuffed armadillo could prove that climate change was a hoax.

“This is significant,” Morano said after revealing a stuffed armadillo in a cage. “The armadillo was the only animal that was used a mascot for global cooling in the 1970s. […] It’s not a mascot for global warming. They’re claiming the armadillo is migrating north to get out of the heat.”

Electrek: Toyota to Create an Electric Plug-In Hybrid Version of the Corolla in China

Ahead of the Beijing Auto Show this week, Toyota announced that it will create an electric plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version of the Corolla for the Chinese market. While the automaker’s announcement appears to limit the vehicle’s availability to China for now, it does open the door for a possible global launch of a PHEV version of Toyota’s flagship midsize sedan.

The automaker didn’t reveal much about the new drivetrain other than it has been developed through its partnership with Chinese manufacturers -- hence why it is being launched in China. Alongside the Corolla, Toyota will also be launching a plug-in hybrid version of the Levin in China. Both cars should hit the market by 2018.

New York Times: Renewable Energy Stumbles Toward the Future

There is a timeless element to SunEdison’s swift demise: an executive with an Icarus complex chasing a fast-growing market embarks on an aggressive strategy fueled by cheap debt. Soar. Crash. Burn. Repeat.

Yet the collapse raises a bigger question: Can renewable-energy companies be profitable? Can green make green?

The answer, of course, is yes. Just as soon as they cross over a fundamental hurdle: finding a strategy that actually works.

Sputnik News: India Accuses U.S. of Having Double Standards on Renewable Energy

India's energy minister accused Washington of using the WTO against India.

Power, Coal and Renewable Energy Minister Piyush Goyal told Indian channel NDTV that several U.S. states apply policies similar to those adopted in India to promote their own renewable energy companies.