Amazon's analytical approach to understanding the customer allowed it to move beyond books and dominate the retail space. Entire industries are getting upended and transformed as a result.

This story about disruption is a familiar one. We’ve seen how it plays time and time again -- and it’s not pretty for the incumbents who fail to catch up with technology. 

It's a compelling narrative in the utility space, where we are smack in the middle of an Amazon moment. Electricity consumers want choice. They respond to personalization. And there’s a new generation of technology providers who think they can give consumers what they want -- better than traditional brick-and-mortar utilities.

And that’s why Tendril CEO Adrian Tuck sees the importance of talking about Amazon as a model.

“How did they go from one thing to this broad level of disruption? They massively focused on the customer and what the customer wants. They looked at every piece of the chain and they tried to make everything easier for the customer. They’re really looking at all those pieces and innovated rapidly to make the buying experience compelling and simple to use," said Tuck.

In this podcast, we'll talk with Tuck about the future of data acquisition, personalization, demand-side management and utility business models. 

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