The Trump administration just imposed 30 percent tariffs on imported solar cells and modules. How much will it stunt solar growth in America? Will it spark a broader trade war?

There are a lot of questions about the impact. In this podcast, we’re giving you the answers -- or, as many answers we have just a day after the decision.

This week, we'll bring together our teams from The Interchange and The Energy Gang together to answer listener questions about the tariffs. We'll also talk with GTM Research's Cory Honeyman about how (and where) the 30 percent penalty will impact projects around the U.S.

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In this episode, we address:

  • What does a 30 percent tariff mean for project economics in the residential and utility-scale sectors?
  • How will the 2.5-gigawatt cell quota work?
  • Will the decision help domestic U.S. manufacturing? Will it hurt domestic installation jobs?
  • What kind of challenges will we see at the World Trade Organization?
  • Is there a pathway toward negotiation with China?
  • How could local policy blunt the negative impact of these tariffs?

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