The New York Times: Trump Got Nearly $1 Million in Energy-Efficiency Subsidies in 2012

The Trump White House has wasted no time in targeting pro-climate policies, freezing energy-efficiency standards finalized during the last days of the Obama administration. Its “America First Energy Plan” makes no mention of renewable energy or energy efficiency, and it is focused on fossil fuels.

But in 2012, Donald J. Trump, the businessman, played a different tune.

That year, Mr. Trump finished securing almost $1 million in energy-efficiency incentives and low-interest loans from New York state to fit a Trump-branded residential tower in Westchester County with eco-friendly fixtures, state records show.

“I strongly believe in clean energy, in conserving energy, all of that -- more than anybody,” Mr. Trump is quoted as saying in a fact sheet about the project.

The Verge: JetSmarter Tries to Extort Journalists for Positive Coverage

We’ve seen plenty of aggressive requests from companies that want positive coverage, but perhaps none as absurd as what we just got from JetSmarter -- a startup that’s been called the “Uber for private jets.” In exchange for a demonstration of the service (a round-trip flight in the U.S.), JetSmarter sent us an agreement that demands an uncritical puff piece.

The rub? JetSmarter wanted the credit card number of a Verge reporter, so that it could charge them $2,000 if they didn’t publish a positive story “within 5 business days.”

ThisisReno: State Treasurer Requests Audit of GOED and Tesla, Faraday Tax Deals

Nevada State Treasurer Dan Schwartz announced today that he is requesting an audit of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED).

Schwartz said he was specifically seeking “more information on the projects GOED funds which have received substantial tax credits and financial assistance from Nevada taxpayers, including Faraday Future and Tesla. Since 2014, the powers granted to GOED have continued to grow.”

GOED faced criticism when it was uncovered through a public records request last year by ThisisReno that tax credits earned by Tesla last year were sold to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for $20 million.

Bloomberg: Why Beijing’s Lack of Planning Is Turning Cabbies Off Electric Cars

Beijing had the best of intentions when it started to promote all-electric taxis in 2011. Not only would the green cars reduce the city’s choking pollution, they’d highlight its commitment to becoming a center of innovation. There was just one problem: cold weather.

Electric cars lose their charge quickly when temperatures drop, reducing their range, utility and -- for taxi drivers -- profitability. Just ask the unlucky souls driving them around Beijing this winter. According to local news media, they’re shutting off battery-draining heaters and driving in heavy boots that -- thanks to fares lost while charging their batteries -- they can’t really afford.

Inc.: Lyft's New Funding Round Could Raise Its Valuation to $7 Billion

Lyft has been quietly pitching investors for a new round of funding that could boost its valuation to as much as $7 billion.

The ride-hailing service hopes to raise at least $500 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. Lyft, which is currently valued at $5.5 billion, has not said publicly which investors will be involved in the funding round.

The company also has not disclosed what it plans to do with the money, but in recent weeks it has used some of its $1 billion in cash on hand to expand to more than 90 new markets.