It’s been a bad couple of weeks for two of Silicon Valley’s top car companies.

After a pedestrian was killed by one of Uber’s autonomous cars in Arizona, the company’s AV operations were suspended. Other driverless car companies are now weighing the consequences of the technology, and regulators are asking if we need to slow down real-world testing.

Tesla is dealing with two crashes of its own. The crash of a Model X is raising questions about autopilot mode, and the company's stock has crashed 25 percent this month as investors worry about Model 3 delivery problems.

We'll look at the latest for Uber and Tesla in this week's episode.

Then, we'll return to Washington. It was also a bad week for Trump, who didn’t get his cuts to energy programs in the latest federal budget. We’ll look at why the GOP is so out of step with the White House on clean energy cuts.

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