Former Congressman Bob Inglis has a tough job. As one of the only prominent Republicans talking about climate change, he’s been trying to give the rest of his party the courage to offer conservative solutions to the challenge.

Three years after founding the Energy and Enterprise Initiative, there’s still a deep freeze in Congress on climate issues. But Inglis is gathering more allies in his fight for a carbon tax, and he believes that the 2016 elections will force national candidates to recognize the challenge.

In this week’s podcast, we’ll talk to Inglis about changing dynamics in the Republican party. We’ll also discuss how "tribal" politics and the local push for “energy liberty” are impacting momentum.

Later in the show, we’ll assess earnings from a few leading solar companies and talk about the proposed YieldCo from First Solar and SunPower. Finally, we'll examine how race is becoming a factor in the rhetorical skirmishes over rooftop solar.

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