This is a branded podcast made in collaboration between CohnReznick Capital and GTM Creative Strategies. 

Sheslie Royster is the person big companies turn to when making an acquisition, investing in real estate or finding a creative way to use tax credits. She’s a tax expert, focusing mostly on wind and solar.

Those deals include a lot of numbers and math, of course. But Sheslie says the math isn’t as important as it seems. It’s the interpretation of the math that really matters.

“I'd say a minimal amount is math. I'd say in the deals we have where we're discussing tax issues, the numbers play a part, but it's a smaller part. It's more the theory behind what's going on behind the numbers. What does this mean? What was the intent of the law? What is the intent of the deal?”

Sheslie is a tax partner at CohnReznick. She works on some very complex projects that require a deep level of trust and intimacy.

“It's a personal relationship. People are telling you things about themselves that sometimes their spouses don't even know — intimate details that people just don't tell when you meet them at a cocktail party,” she says.

So how does Sheslie get people to tell her things their own spouses don’t even know? 

In this episode, we’ll uncover the secrets of one of the best tax experts in the business. 

This episode was produced by GTM Creative Strategies in collaboration with CohnReznick. 

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