Barring a contested Republican party convention in Cleveland in July or some other extraordinary event, Donald Trump appears to be on track to be the Republican party nominee.

Last year, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton issued a renewable energy vision fact sheet that set aggressive goals for solar and renewables as it acknowledged the challenge of climate change.

The Trump campaign has not posted the candidate's position on energy and renewables policy. The Trump organization has not responded to repeated requests for the presumptive candidate's energy policy or a white paper on the topic.

Absent that response, we are left with the candidate's tweets (posted during the campaign and over the last few years) in order to understand his policy framework, such as it is. Here's what we could find.   

Trump on wind


Trump on fracking


Trump on solar and Solyndra


Trump on global warming


Trump on coal


We will continue to request a non-tweet-based energy plan from the Trump campaign.