If the war of words between SolarCity and Arizona Public Service is any indication, this year will bring an escalation in tension between the solar industry and utilities throughout the U.S.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that APS was behind a letter from members of Congress to the Federal Trade Commission asking the government to investigate the sales practices of solar services companies.

SolarCity hit back immediately and published a scathing blog post calling out APS for using so-called “monopoly money” to influence politics at the highest level in order to limit consumer choice.

In this show, we’ll look at APS’ claims and tactics and SolarCity’s response, and ask what it means for coming clashes between solar installers and traditional power companies.

Later in the podcast, we’ll look at the highlights of President Obama’s trip to India, and then discuss problems in China’s domestic solar market.

This podcast is sponsored by Kaco New Energy, a German manufacturer of solar PV inverters for every size and module type.

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