Latin America's solar market is set for exponential growth. The region could make up 10 percent of the global solar market, according to Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables.

In this podcast, we're speaking with two of the most in-the-know people on the subject.

We’re joined by Manan Parikh, a solar analyst focused on the Americas for WoodMac. And we’ll hear from Alejo Lopez, a senior director at NEXTracker, who’s helped grow a 3-gigawatt pipeline of trackers for some of the cheapest and grandest solar projects in the world. 

Auctions in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil are unleashing extremely low prices. As a result, the region is actually the strongest for trackers compared to the rest of the world.

It’s also a pretty crazy place to do business. Every country is very different. Political and economic volatility can make markets super-hot one year, and then nonexistent the next. And ultra-low prices aren’t always healthy.

So what does exponential growth look like? And what do solar markets based on unsubsidized, extremely low-priced projects mean for businesses? 

Learn about how NEXTracker helped deliver 754 megawatts of trackers to the largest solar project in the Americas.

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