Climate risk is now the topic du jour in Washington, D.C. The Biden transition team identified it as a powerful policy lever in the business world that could help the president-elect’s climate agenda without Congress. 

But how? Could it happen at the Securities and Exchange Commission where companies disclose legal and other threats? What about a role for the Federal Reserve? What can Biden himself do?

This week, we’ll look at how federal action may happen — and what impact it would have on emissions.

Then, from the first days in office, Trump’s team went after environmental protections with the focus of trained assassins. Those efforts are only intensifying in the weeks before Trump leaves the White House. How might Biden stop these “regulatory bombs?”

And finally, reactions to Biden’s hires are revealing a split in the climate community. What do they reveal about theories of change in this rapidly evolving political moment?

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  • Twitter: Matt Yglesias on the only way to make climate progress

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