Each week, The Energy Gang debates and discusses the latest trends in the global energy transformation. And every once in a while, we bring those conversations to the stage. 

In June, we'll be recording a live version of the show at GTM's Grid Edge World Forum in San Jose, California. Jigar, Katherine and Stephen will be joined by Eric Wesoff, GTM's editor-in-chief, for a candid take on the latest technology and business trends in grid modernization.

Will the solar industry and utilities ever get along? Will regulators figure out the value of distributed energy to the grid? How will service companies package solar, batteries and other on-site technologies? We'll explore all of those themes in front of top business professionals working on the grid edge. (And we're just one part of a packed lineup featuring the biggest names and companies in the industry.)

All Energy Gang listeners get a 10 percent discount to the conference. Just use the code ENERGYGANG when buying your pass. (But remember, this is for new registrants only.)

And while you're waiting for that show, listen to our most recent live podcast from WNYC's performance space in New York City as part of the Clean Energy Connections series: 

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