“Electrify everything” isn’t just a good slogan. It’s the fastest way to decarbonize and create tens of millions of jobs and it can be done using off-the-shelf technology. 

A respected squad of researchers did the math on a swap-out of every aging boiler, truck and power plant in the U.S.  and replacing it with equipment that won’t burn fossil fuels ever again. We’ll dig into a new analysis from Rewiring America

Then, BP has more details around its plan to become the first oil major to transition away from the hydrocarbon-drilling business. What do they amount to? Can the company actually pull it off this time?

Last, PSEG promised to do right by its customers after failing them during Hurricane Sandy. So why were Long Islanders left sweltering for days after a few high winds from the remnants of Hurricane Isaias? And what does it portend in a future of potentially stronger storms?   

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Our guest co-host this week is Melissa Lott of the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy.

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