We’re constantly going through waves of hype in different energy sectors: flexible solar panels, vertical-axis wind, electric planes, vehicle-to-grid, the smart home, blockchain. Some are real; some are not. Some just need to mature.

So what phase are we in now? In this episode, Shayle and Stephen are digging into different sectors and trends at various stages of the climatetech hype cycle. They’ll decide whether to buy, sell or hold based on the current level of fanfare.

In other words, do we think a sector is overhyped, underhyped or just right? 

We’re going to do this for six sectors, some of which were suggestions from listeners

  • Green hydrogen
  • Micromobility
  • Residential battery storage
  • Direct-air capture 
  • Blockchain
  • Virtual power plants

And here’s Shayle’s climate tech hype cycle chart that we discuss on the show.

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