Good journalism is more important than ever. In our last episode of the year, we're choosing our favorite energy reporting of 2017.

We'll start off with a conversation about a damning investigative piece on how U.S. utilities put ratepayers on the hook for $40 billion in failed coal and nuke projects.

Tony Bartelme, a special projects reporter at the Post and Courier, joins us to talk about his bombshell story, "Power Failure: How Utilities Across the U.S. Changed the Rules to Make Big Bets With Your Money."

He and his team talked with 50 sources in industry and government. They uncovered a systematic effort to obfuscate problems with risky coal and nuke projects -- and pay executives handsomely while doing so.

In the second half of the show, we'll discuss some of our other favorite stories about microgrids, coal country, electric cars, fuel cells, politics, and the global energy transition.

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Here's a list of our favorite stories that we discussed on the show:

  • Vox: Meet the Microgrid, the Technology Poised to Transform Electricity
  • NY Times: Where Wind Farms Meet Coal Country, There's Enduring Faith in Trump
  • Medium: The Last Auto Mechanic
  • Quartz: Amazon’s Hydrogen-Powered Forklifts Are Its Latest Attempt to Beat Walmart
  • GTM: Global Oil Majors Are Poised for a Resurgence in Solar and Wind
  • GTM: In Storage vs. Peaker Study, CAISO’s Outdated Cost Estimates Produce Higher Price Tag for Storage
  • GTM: The Rising Tide of Evidence Against Blaming Wind and Solar for Grid Instability
  • GTM: First Solar Proves That PV Plants Can Rival Frequency Response Services From Natural Gas Peakers
  • GTM: What Superstorm Sandy Taught Consolidated Edison, 5 Years On
  • Twitter: Suggestions from the energy community on the top stories

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