Well, that didn't take long.

Back in Feburary, Tesla Motors CEO Ze'ev Drori and chairman Elon Musk said that the electric-car company would come out with a version of its Model S sedan that would be based around a series hybrid architecture. In a series hybrid or REV (for range-extended electric vehicle), the car runs on an electric motor powered by batteries. The batteries in turn are recharged while driving by an onboard gas generator. It's the secret sauce behind the Chevy Volt, coming in 2010.

"It is more than research. We intend to have it as part of the offering," Drori told me then. "The Whitestar (the code-name for the Model S.) can be all-electric or it can be an REV."

Those plans have been scrapped. Speaking at the GoingGreen conference yesterday, Musk officially said that Tesla was only pursuing all-electric cars and not hybrids.

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