The Verge: Tesla and Airbnb Partner to Install Chargers at Prime Rental Locations

Tesla Motors has already invested millions of dollars in its attempt to build electric-car charging stations around the world, and the company's latest move is to partner with home-sharing startup Airbnb to install chargers for Model S cars in select rental locations.

Earlier this year, Musk announced new features like Range Assurance and a Trip Planner to ensure that Tesla owners would never stray too far from a charger, and this latest initiative seems to be another way to alleviate drivers’ "range anxiety."

The Telegraph: British Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Pioneer Develops Cars and iPhones of the Future

In the next few weeks, far-flung pockets of the sub-continent will become the unlikely launchpad for a British company aiming to do no less than revolutionize the global energy market, clean up cities and transform the daily lives of digital consumers.

Intelligent Energy will scrap the diesel backup generators that power mobile masts when India’s grid takes one of its frequent unscheduled breaks. The company, based in Loughborough, will replace up to 26,000 internal-combustion engines with its own hydrogen fuel cells, propelling the sub-continent’s mobile infrastructure to the cutting edge of the energy industry.

Scientific American: Will Zero-Net-Energy Homes Be the Wave of the Future?

Across the United States, but especially in California, ZNE residential and commercial buildings are growing in number. Between 2012 and 2014, the number of buildings achieving ZNE doubled, according to the New Buildings Institute, which tracks this industry trend. In a way, it makes sense because buildings are a major consumer of power, accounting for an estimated 40 percent of all energy used in the country.

In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using less energy -- a tangible sell for residents and developers trying to get local governments on board for ZNE projects -- is the allure of hugely reduced utility bills. To achieve such high levels of efficiency, homes must be built to be more airtight, which reduces indoor air pollution levels.

Las Vegas Review-Journal: NV Energy Says Cap on Net Metering Reached

NV Energy says the 235-megawatt cap on net metering capacity was reached at 8 p.m. Thursday.

The data from the utility, operating as Nevada Power Co. in Southern Nevada, came as the Nevada Public Utilities Commission heard testimony Friday on a new proposed interim net metering tariff in an effort to ensure the rooftop solar industry can continue to flourish in Nevada.

The company's website says in part: "New applications will be subject to new net metering rules and rates that will be established by the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada before December 31, 2015."

The Independent: Nintendo-Game-Style 'Power-Ups' to Become Reality for Electric Cars

Electric cars will have a special lane on the motorway for recharging their power levels, much like a classic Nintendo game where racers top up on speed.

Trials will take place later this year to develop a left-hand lane for drivers to swoop over and wirelessly top up their batteries while on the move.

The artist's impression of the bright green "recharge" lane is an almost exact replica of the energy-giving lanes in Super Nintendo game F-Zero from 1990.