SunPower couldn’t convince the Trump administration to abandon tariffs on imported solar panels. So now it plans to buy one of the companies pushing the tariffs in the first place.

Yesterday, SunPower unveiled plans to acquire SolarWorld’s U.S. operations. Two months ago, CEO Tom Werner said SunPower was going to divest from America. But now he’s buying his way back in.

In this week's episode, we'll explain how Trump's demands for tariffs are shifting the PV manufacturing landscape.

Then, 173 countries agreed to cut emissions from the shipping sector by 2050. What are the technological solutions for a sector that could make up one-fifth of global emissions by the middle of the century?

We'll end with the latest from Germany. Katherine was in that country getting an update on the closely scrutinized energy transition there — and we’ll get her take on where things stand.

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