The coronavirus pandemic has exposed an unsettling reality for black and brown people, who are dying at higher rates in the country’s most polluted communities. The issue of structural racism in policing and criminal justice has suddenly come to dominate the national dialogue once again. But understanding the story of race, energy and the environment is also a key aspect of grasping the anger of the moment.

On this week's Energy Gang episode, we'll speak with a seasoned lawyer and organizer who is working on the “mass melanization” of the environmental movement: Tamara Toles O’Laughlin, the North America Director for

Later in the show: If people lose their jobs and can’t pay their bills, what does that mean for their safety in a summer heat wave? And what does it mean for the financial health of utilities?

Finally, a new approach to residential demand response. Why are Consumers Energy, Uplight and Google giving away 100,000 free smart thermostats?

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