Behind-the-meter battery storage is experiencing strong growth in the U.S. But with only 6.4 megawatts of capacity installed in 2014, companies have barely touched the market’s potential.

Stem is one of a handful of companies leading the deployment of distributed batteries in commercial and industrial buildings. The company has since raised $75 million from a range of high-profile investors, and it is set to install about 10 megawatts of behind-the-meter battery systems this year.

In this week’s show, Stem CEO John Carrington joins us to talk about why behind-the-meter storage is taking off and where the economics and applications are headed.

Later in the show, we’ll discuss the government’s investigation of the Solyndra loan guarantee, which was finally released after four years in the works. We’ll end the show with a discussion about the political clash over Warren Buffett’s energy investments.

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