Desperation has taken hold in climate policy. People are so anxious to do something meaningful, allies are fighting against each other over the solutions. 

Is the right approach a Green New Deal to re-engineer the energy and labor markets with renewable energy? Or is it better to just price carbon in order to allow all kinds of technologies and carbon mitigation efforts to flourish?

We need both, says Hal Harvey, the CEO of Energy Innovation. In this episode, we’ll get beyond the tribalism and look at the suite of policies that will decarbonize the economy quickly and cost-effectively.

We’re going to talk about Hal’s new book, Designing Climate Solutions: A Policy Guide for Low-Carbon Energy.

Topics we’ll cover on the podcast:

  • The Green New Deal and the reliance on renewables as a climate strategy. How far does the wind-solar-water plan get us? 
  • The debate about the effectiveness and elegance of a carbon tax. Is it really the end-all solution?
  • The most underappreciated climate policy.
  • The role of nuclear and seasonal storage.

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