Solyndra, one of our favorite not-so-stealthy CIGS solar firms, signed some big supply agreements late last month. Here are some other Solyndra tidbits:

  • We’ve covered Solyndra’s valuation story in the past.
  • Why would Soyndra spend $60,000 on lobbyists?
  • $5 million of Solyndra’s $93.5 million equipment financing facility in late 2007 came from Icon Income Fund Ten; “The equipment is comprised of two fully automated manufacturing lines that combine glass tubes and thin film semiconductors to produce solar panels.”

The company also has some recently published patents.

The patent for “Elongated PV Cells in Casings” is authored by two former employees, Ratson Morad, now with Daystar, and Benny Buller, now with CdTe thin film leader First Solar (First Solar, incidentally, projects annual production of 1GW in 2009). The other listed inventors are Christian Gronet and Markus Beck, Chief Scientist at Solyndra. (Question: Why do patent holders and early employees leave a company like Solyndra?)

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