I'm sure the solar industry, the DOE, and Solyndra's VC investors such as Rockport, CMEA, Redpoint, and USVP would have preferred that Solyndra had achieved immortality through a business success story and a huge IPO.

Instead, they've enabled the career of Barncat Jones.

Mr. Jones has a full repertoire of politically informed songs leaning, nay, tumbling to the right -- some absolutely hilarious -- on his hilarious website. (Also worth noting is the ad for SolarWorld on Barncat's home page.)

Here he is is singing "The Solyndra Song" Elvis Presley style. The King would be proud.



As part of our video tribute to Solyndra, we'll include Fox News' Solyndra and SunPower analysis.


And here's the Jon Stewart Solyndra segment from September.


Next Solyndra event for your calendar is the auction scheduled for November 27. Perhaps Barncat can write an ode to that.