When it comes to uncovering new cost reductions and scaling solar, nothing is quite as important as software.

Are your permitting costs too high? Software can help automate them. Is your system underperforming? Software can help detect the issues and determine the response. Has it become difficult to source new customers? Yep, software can help with that too.   

GTM and Folsom Labs will be discussing these technologies in depth at the upcoming Solar Software Summit in San Diego on April 30.

The solar software space has grown substantially over the past several years, and the focus has turned from developing basic solar-specific software applications, to increasing the interoperability between solar software and other state-of-the-art data applications. 

“Solar software companies today are becoming increasingly sophisticated, improving their solutions by using drones, overhead imagery, machine learning and artificial intelligence,” says conference chair Paul Grana, co-founder of Folsom Labs.  

By integrating best-in-class technology and products into solar-specific platforms, customers will be better able to streamline their workflows and improve their processes. Widespread availability of these solutions levels the playing field and enables local/regional players to compete with national companies.

“The ability to selectively integrate these tools can lead us to a golden age of innovation in the solar industry,” notes Grana. “Software helps manage complexity and it can help solar companies maintain growth by minimizing risk and simplifying workflow.”

At the Solar Software Summit, we will discuss these opportunities further and explore how trends in the broader software world will help contribute to additional solar market growth. Register today to join us.

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