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Company Name


Raised Investors
Emergya Wind Turbines


$23.9 million Emerald Technology Ventures and Rabo Ventures
France Eoliennes


$3.1 million Fonds Oddo Générations Futures
Mariah Power


$0.5 million;
also seeking $9.5 million


Greenhouse Capital Partners and Big Sky Partners
Marquiss Wind Power


$1.3 million Velocity Venture and Strategis Early Ventures


Seeking $11 million N/A
Renewable Devices


$1.2 million Equity Insurance Australia
(according to The Scotsman)




Planning $98.8 million raise on London's AIM


Undisclosed investors
Iskra Wind Turbines


$3.9 million Foresight Venture
Magenn Power


$5 million;
also seeking $12 million


Quercus Trust
Proven Energy


$8.8 million Low Carbon Accelerator Fund
Southwest Windpower (U.S.) $6.5 million NGP Energy Technology Partners, Rockport Capital Partners, Altira and CTTV Investments, the venture-capital arm of Chevron
Wilson Turbo Power $4 million Undisclosed
Southwest Windpower


$8 million Rockport Capital Partners, Altira Technology Fund IV, and CTTV Investments

Source: Companies, investors, press, VenturePower Report