In 2012, Shell ventured up to the Arctic to drill exploratory offshore oil wells. A lot went wrong.

Its containment dome failed, a ship ran aground, another vessel was threatened by ice, one of its contractors was fined for safety violations -- and after all that, Shell never completed its exploratory drilling operation.

The company has spent $7 billion to explore for oil in Arctic waters. And with a new plan of attack and fresh approval from the Obama administration, Shell plans to spend $1 billion every year to get access to the region's rich reserves.

In this episode, we'll look at the environmental, economic and political risks that Shell faces as it searches for oil in the Arctic. We'll also ask if its money could be better spent on harnessing energy resources beyond petroleum.

Later in the show, we'll talk about how Hurricane Katrina influenced the environmental justice movement over the last 10 years. And we'll end with a discussion about steep feed-in tariff cuts for solar in the U.K. that businesses say will destroy the industry.

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