The Scotsman: One New Wind Turbine Built Every Day Across Scotland

The number of wind turbines in Scotland has been growing by at least one a day for the last four years. There are now a total of 3,400 onshore turbines, up from just 1,657 in 2012. That is an increase of 1,743 -- an average of more than one new turbine every day.

And an additional 1,547 have planning approval, many of them now under construction. The figures were released by the Scottish government as it emerged that energy companies were paid almost £5.5 million to switch off their turbines in Scotland for one day this summer.

EnergyWire: Inside Solar's Secret Society

A group of leaders in the solar industry have been holding secret meetings for the last 14 years, strategizing how to make solar the dominant source of energy on earth.

Called the Solar Circle, it is a quiet sort of brain trust made up of members hand-chosen for their talents and commitment to the cause. It has systematically explored and sought to improve every aspect of the supply chain, playing a behind-the-scenes role as solar transformed from a hippie curiosity into the fastest-growing source of new energy on the power grid.

Twice a year, the group meets like clockwork, despite having no budget, no legal structure and no staff. Members travel on their own dime to weekend retreats that have been held everywhere from Maine to Mexico. And now, after years of brainstorming sessions, deep dives into policy and finance, and late-night guitar sessions, the circle has matured from industry association into something else.

Reuters: Global Coal Power Plans Fall in 2016, Led by China and India

The amount of coal-fired power generation under development worldwide has shrunk by 14 percent this year, driven down by China as it struggles with oversupply and tries to promote cleaner energy, a study showed on Wednesday.

India also introduced policies in the first half of 2016 curbing plans for coal-fired plants, partly due to under-utilization of existing plants, according to a Global Coal Plant Tracker run by non-government and anti-coal group CoalSwarm.

Overall, the amount of coal-fired generating capacity in pre-construction planning fell 14 percent to an estimated 932 gigawatts in July from 1,090 GW at the start of the year, it said.

Renewable Energy World: Kenya to Install 23 Solar Mini-Grids to Power Remote North

The Kenya government, with the support of a 33-million-euro credit from the French government, plans to install 23 solar mini-grid power stations with the capacity to produce 9.6 MW of power to connect households in remote northern Kenya to electricity.

Also to be installed as part of the project is a 0.6 MW mini-grid wind power plant, scaling up projected wind power production in the country in the next four years.

Lake Turkana Wind Power project, a 320 MW wind project in Africa owned by KP&P Africa B.V., Aldwych International, Industrial Fund for Developing Countries, and Google Plc, is already under construction, with a projected completion date of 2018.

Climate Central: Here’s What China and the U.S. Just Committed to on Climate

The leaders of the U.S. and China committed their nations to the fight against global warming on Saturday when they handed arcane but momentous documents to the United Nation’s top official.

The documents stated that the U.S. and China are ready to join a new global warming pact, putting it on course to potentially become international law before the end of 2016.

Largely because of global warming, this year is expected to be the hottest year on record, beating a heat record set last year, which beat the record set the year prior.