"Don’t let government pick winners and losers."

That was Rick Perry’s mantra as Texas governor and a presidential candidate. But it didn’t take him long to abandon it as Energy Secretary. In this week's podcast, we’ll revisit the rare, bizarre request from Perry asking federal regulators to restructure electricity markets and prop up struggling coal and nuclear plants.

Then, the latest on the post-Hurricane energy crisis in Puerto Rico. We'll talk about the rebuilding effort, a controversial grid-rebuilding contract with an unknown company, and the strained Washington-Puerto Rico relationship.

Finally, an Alaskan sovereign wealth fund is betting big on distributed energy through Generate Capital. We'll talk about what the move says about new investment approaches in emerging tech.

This podcast is sponsored by Mission Solar Energy, a solar module manufacturer based in San Antonio, Texas. You can find out more about Mission’s American-made, high-power modules at missionsolar.com.

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  • Washington Post: FEMA Cites 'Significant Concerns' Over Whitefish Energy Deal in Puerto Rico
  • GTM: Generate Capital Raises $200 Million Fund

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