Republicans are often viewed as enemies of the clean energy transition. Some people believe the GOP will never embrace climate action. So is voting them out the only way to save the planet?

If you ask environmental policy pioneer Terry Tamminen, the solution isn’t that simple. 

As Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pick to lead the California EPA, Tamminen found ways to craft ambitious clean energy policies and programs with buy-in from both Democrats and Republicans. In his current role as CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, Tamminen is working to advance sustainability solutions across the country and around the world. 

In this episode of Political Climate, recorded live at GTM’s Solar Summit, we talk to Tamminen about why it’s important to get Republicans on board with the climate change agenda — even if it means avoiding the words "climate change" altogether.

We also discuss why Democrats are rallying around a 100 percent renewable energy target, when it has yet to be proven technically feasible. Plus, we talk about California's clash with Washington, D.C. over fuel economy standards and whether philanthropy is proving we don't need to spend taxpayer dollars on fighting climate change.

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