When we started making our podcasts seven years ago, it was clear that the energy transition would be a difficult one. 

Both shows were designed as a forum to grapple with tough issues in an accessible, candid way. The clean energy industry has faced its share of crises over the years — but nothing quite like the current pandemic and economic freeze.

Supply chains are in limbo, funding opportunities for startups have vanished and once-growing companies are at a standstill. Meanwhile, political leaders are trying to get money to struggling people and businesses, setting the stage for trillions more dollars in spending on infrastructure. 

How will it all pan out? We’re trying to figure it out, just like you are. 

In this episode, we take listener questions about how to use the current crisis as an opportunity. We use some thought exercises as a way to break up the gloom, and do a mental health check-in with each other. 

Listeners submitted over 120 questions. We’ll be considering them on future shows. If you have any other show topic ideas, tag The Energy Gang and The Interchange on Twitter. (And please give the shows a rating and review on Apple podcasts!)

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