We’re officially less than one year away from the 2020 election.

What do the latest polls tell us about how the presidential candidates are stacking up? What do the 2019 elections tell us about how this could play out? And what does all of this mean for climate and energy policy?

In this episode of Political Climate, we look at Democrat wins in Virginia and Kentucky. We also discuss the results of a New York Times/Siena College poll that offers a mixed bag for Democratic candidates.

Plus, billionaire climate-action champion Michael Bloomberg flirts (once again) with entering the 2020 race. Does his campaign stand a chance?

Finally, we discuss a rift between Democrats and Republicans over carbon capture language in a defense bill. Are Democrats stalling on this climate measure in hopes for a bigger legislative win?

Recommended reading:

  • GTM: Virginia’s Democratic Sweep and Its Implications for Dominion Energy’s Future
  • NYT: Recent Polls Show Trump’s Support Is Flagging in the Suburbs — and Beyond
  • CS Monitor: Why These Kentucky Democrats Still Love President Trump
  • Cook Political: Democrats Need to Mind the Gap Between Their Base and Swing Voters
  • BBC: U.S. Election 2020: Michael Bloomberg Mulls Presidential Bid
  • Vox: Bernie Sanders’ New Bet: A Climate Change Message Can Win Him the Iowa Caucuses
  • Washington Examiner: Why a Key Democrat Is Holding Back a Bipartisan Climate Bill

Political Climate is produced in partnership with the USC Schwarzenegger Institute, and thanks to invaluable support from producer Victoria Simon.

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