Here at Greentech Media, we monitor a lot of companies. So every year, we highlight the industry leaders paving the way toward tomorrow's distributed energy system.

Since its inception in 2014, Grid Edge Innovation Award winners have included an impressive array of startups, technology vendors, utilities, energy service providers and others.

The Grid Edge Innovation Awards recognize the top companies or projects that are driving change (or helping manage change) in the electricity system. The awards cover everything from frontier technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence, to innovation centers at utilities and customer-centricity.

Now is the time to submit your nominations! You can submit nominations here.

All nominations must be submitted before April 1, 2018.

Check out the profiles of our past winners:

Winners will be announced at the end of April and awards will be presented at Grid Edge Innovation Summit.

The Grid Edge Innovation Summit is the leading conference on the future of the electric grid, where we bring together the most prominent experts and businesses together with our research and editorial teams. Join us in San Francisco on June 20-21 for a deep examination of the business models and technologies shaping the energy system.

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