Richard Kauffman has a lot of responsibilities as New York's "energy czar."

On behalf of the governor, Kauffman oversees all of the state’s energy authorities and the utility regulator, along with leading New York’s attempt to build a new electricity market based on distributed resources.

"Often the entities are diffuse, and everyone is in their own silo. The benefit we have [in New York] is to develop and implement an integrated energy policy," explained Kauffman on the Energy Gang podcast.

This week, we'll talk with Kauffman about the state's unique approach to energy policy. We'll also talk about how he's trying to use markets -- not top-down government programs -- to stimulate change in the electricity sector.

Later in the show, we'll debate the significance of EPA's report on groundwater contamination from fracking. To wrap up the show, we'll ask how much Australia overpaid for its solar boom.

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