It's tough out there for biofuel makers. Things aren't so rosy for green cement companies either. And the Rocky Mountain Institute may have proven that naming an electric vehicle is a real headscratcher.

If you've missed these stories, here's a roundup of what's been happening at Green Light lately:

Calera Gives Info on Green Cement Process, Mystery Lingers

The green cement company has come under fire from the climate scientist Ken Caldeira.  We break it down.

Verizon, Itron Hook Up Smart Grid Communications

Behold! Telcom giant Verizon and smart meter meister Itron have hooked up Itron's smart meters to the utility grid.

Pacific Ethanol Short on Cash; Nova Biosource Files for Bankruptcy

Biofuel maker Pacific Ethanol has been shuttering plants and scrambling to pay off its creditors to stave off bankrupcty, while Nova Biosource has already thrown in the proverbial towel.

Rocky Mountain Institute Car to Be Shown Off This Month. Named the Idea

Bright Automotive is preparing to take the wraps off of its Idea electric vehicle. But did they settle on a name too soon? Was ElectraScoot already taken?

Funding at Ember Goes to $89M. Is That Good or Bad?

ZigBee chipmaker Ember has closed a new funding round, having raised $89 in total since 2001. Now it could be just in time to take advantage of the ZigBee market as it heats up.

Lilliputian Gets $28M for Mini Fuel Cells

The mini fuel cell maker also hired a new CEO to go along with the big bag of cash it raised. Ray Stata, founder of Stata Venture Partners and co-founder of Analog Devices, will now lead the company.

Aquamarine Scraps Tidal Power, Focuses on Waves

The Edinburgh, Scotland-based company is consolidating its ocean-power technology to focus on its Oyster wave-power device.

The Inside View of Carbon and Energy Auctions

The March auction raised $117 million for energy-efficiency projects, proof that these auctions aren't just a shot in the dark.