Microsoft is setting a new standard for corporate climate targets. The technology company promised to remove all of the carbon that it’s ever put in the atmosphere — going back to when it was founded in an Albuquerque garage in 1975. 

That includes $1 billion in carbon-removal technologies and methods. Can the company pull off such an ambitious plan? And will it force other corporates to follow? We'll discuss on this week's episode of The Energy Gang.

Then, we'll look at a landmark climate case. Twenty-one young people who sued the federal government for the right to live in a stable climate prevailed and prevailed and prevailed… until they lost. A judge agreed with their case, but said the courts weren’t the place to remedy climate change. What does it mean for future litigation?

Plus, we have a new member of the gang we’re going to meet: Ingrid Lobet, our senior editor. Make sure to follow her on Twitter


  • MIT Technology Review: Microsoft Will Invest $1B in Carbon Reduction and Removal Tech
  • Wall Street Journal: Microsoft Raises Stakes in Corporate Climate Pledge Race
  • Vox: 21 Kids Sued the Government Over Climate Change
  • AP: U.S. Courts Dismisses Suit by Youth Over Climate Change

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