Countries, states, cities, utilities and corporations are all setting increasingly ambitious targets for clean energy. 

There are lots of variations on the theme: 100% renewable energy, 100% clean energy, 100% carbon-free energy. They all require ambition -- and lots of planning.

In this episode, the first in a three-part series from Wärtsilä, we are exploring the causes and consequences of this 100% trend. 

How did we get to this point where utilities and states are all committing to 100% zero-carbon or 100% renewable energy goals? What are the limitations? What is the potential? And what’s the pathway to achieving them?

Producer Lisa Barfai speaks with Emma Foehringer Merchant, a staff writer at Greentech Media, who describes the origin of the trend.

Then we’ll talk with Jussi Heikkinen, director of growth and development for the Americas at Wärtsilä, who outlines the practical consequences for the electricity system.

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