Every year, we produce nearly 100 podcast episodes of The Energy Gang and The Interchange in order to help you understand the changing business of energy. 

That's a lot of content to process. So this week, we're sifting through all our coverage and bringing you the most important trends we covered over the last 12 months.

On The Interchange, we cover the following topics:

  • The story that didn’t warrant the attention it got. 
  • The story that should have gotten more attention than it did.
  • The energy tech/sector/personality that had the biggest breakthrough of the year
  • The energy tech/sector/personality that had the biggest setback of the year
  • A notable trend that you wish you had predicted.
  • The "most 2018" story of the year. In other words, a story that embodies the zeitgeist.

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And then, go around the horn with our assessment of 2018 on The Energy Gang.

First, we’ll discuss the top trends of the year. Then, a roundup of the best energy journalism of 2018. And finally, some predictions for 2019 — with a twist.

Here are some links to our top journalism choices:

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