Today's stat of the day comes to us from GTM Research's latest PV Technology, Production and Cost Outlook report.

Leading Module Facilities by All-in Cost, Q4 2013E

Source: PV Technology, Production and Cost Outlook: 2012-2016

All ten firms shown in this figure come in under $0.70 per watt in all-in costs by 2013, and together will make up 18.3 gigawatts of ramped module capacity. The only non-Chinese firm on this list is cadmium telluride (CdTe) producer First Solar, whose Malaysia facility is projected to achieve costs of $0.67 per watt by this time. Cell costs for firms on this list vary from $0.35 per watt on the low end (Yingli) to $0.42 per watt (Suntech), while module processing costs range from $0.20 per watt (Yingli) to $0.29 per watt (TBEA SunOasis).

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