The lack of progress on offshore wind in America is one of the most perplexing stories in energy. 

The technology and resource availability are tremendous. Europe has de-risked the technology and proven it can be deployed at scale, and at low cost, with minimal disruption. U.S. states are setting big targets. And at a national-scale, people want it.

And yet, we have not been able to get any meaningful amounts of offshore wind capacity in the water. 

That may be about to change. In late March, the Biden team said it plans to accelerate offshore wind development -- with a goal of getting 30 gigawatts of projects finished by 2030, and 110 gigawatts by 2050.

By comparison, we have 30 megawatts in the water now. And Europe currently has 25 gigawatts operational. So what does the government need to do to finally make this industry a reality?

Energy futurist Ramez Naam is our guest co-host this week. 

We’ll also talk about Biden’s first 100 days in office. He marked the occasion with a speech to Congress that emphasized his “blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America.” H e’s drawing a very clear connection between taking action on climate change and building tons of jobs. 

So what has Biden accomplished so far that is meaningful? What is rhetorical and what is creating a clear pathway to real outcomes?

Finally, we’ll look at why the UN is shifting its focus to methane emissions

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