Blockchain is largely untested compared to its potential. We know it’s likely transformative — we just don’t know exactly how.

There are hundreds of potential applications in the electricity business. Which ones will win out? To kick off this week's show, Shayle, Scott and Stephen will examine different pathways for the technology. We'll answer:

  • Of all the scenarios for the future of blockchain in energy, which one is most likely?
  • Imagine a future in which blockchain doesn’t take off. What is the likely reason?
  • Are there any pilots or trends underway now that push us in any of these directions?

In the second half of the show, we’ll talk with Kristen Brown, a business technology expert at Commonwealth Edison, about how the regulated utility sees blockchain influencing operations. We’ll also talk with Michael Horwitz, a partner with Greentech Capital Advisors, about how he evaluates investment opportunities in the space.

If you missed the companion episode, listen here.

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