What does the nation's top energy regulator, FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff, think about the future of solar?

"I think we're seeing the Moore's law cost curve, together with entrepreneurial spirit, coming into an industry in a way that is going to overtake a monopolistic, non-innovative structure."

This week, we feature a live podcast from the MDV-SEIA Solar Focus 2013 conference in Washington, D.C. The Energy Gang took the stage and discussed the merits of East Coast solar policy and innovative business strategies, and chatted with Chairman Wellinghoff about the "creative destruction" caused by distributed generation.

Many thanks to MDV-SEIA for inviting the Energy Gang to do its first live show!

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The Energy Gang is produced by Greentechmedia.com. The show features weekly discussion between energy futurist Jigar Shah, energy policy expert Katherine Hamilton and Greentech Editor Stephen Lacey.